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When should I put my winter tires on?

   If you are wondering when you should put your winter tires on then you are not alone.  With the weather as warm as it has been it sure seems like winter is a far way off and winter tires may be unnecessary.  Although the past few days of beautiful weather may have us feeling like we might escape the cold weather, unless we head south(which is much harder with the border being closed) we will see the snow and cold weather sooner than later.  So when should winter tires go on?

  • winter tires provide improved traction at temperatures below 7C
  • winter tires have a tread patterns that are designed to provide improved traction during snowy and slushy road conditions

  Typically we recommend installing your winter tires once the average temperature is below 10C so that you don't have to worry about increased tire wear on your winter tires that comes with driving in warmer weather.  Unfortunately we can not say with any certainty what the weather will do over the short term but we do know snow and cold are in the forecast any day now.  So instead of waiting until our first snowfall and getting stuck slipping and sliding put them on any time now. Looking at the long range forecast is one of the best ways to decide when the right time is, remember that everything with your vehicle is more like a marathon than a sprint.  When the temperature drops even before large snowfalls slush and black ice will hit the road and winter tires have rubber compounds that remain flexible and maintain traction. 


When you are ready to install winter tires in Stoney Creek, ON, bring your car to Trinity Automotive 


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