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Transmission Services and Repairs

If you are having transmission problems, don’t despair, it may not be a major issue. We have seen numerous times when a customer comes to us in a panic, expecting the worst because of a shifting problem. Then, after inspecting the vehicle, we find the problem was NOT a major problem.

Transmission Repairs and Rebuilding CAN be very expensive, sometimes several $1,000s. HOWEVER, there are many minor causes of transmission problems that might scare you needlessly. Here are just a few that we have seen that could be at the root of your transmission or shifting problem.

NON-Major repairs that could be causing transmission troubles:

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks / Low Fluid Level: Your vehicle may have a small or large leak of the Transmission Fluid. There are a few causes of this and the fix can often be quite affordable.
  • Vacuum Lines that have come out or loose: When this happens usually, your transmission won’t shift at all. Of course, a non-shifting transmission can scare you, but if this is the cause, the cure is not painful at all.
  • Linkages and/or cables that have come loose or out of adjustment: These run from the transmission to the throttle body. If one comes out of adjustment, you may experience shifting issues such as no shifting, hard shifting or late shifting.
  • Bad Solenoid: The transmission contains shifting solenoids inside (and on some models, outside). The symptoms from this transmission problem cause a wide array of shifting problems like not shifting into particular gears. Usually, a bad solenoid gives problems with specific gears or sets of gears like 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Your Car’s Computer problems: Today’s cars all have computers in them to help coordinate all the functions in the car. But the computers can develop problems and seem to cause you transmission problems. Symptoms from a computer problem range from no shifting to erratic shifting.
  • Sensor defects: Each car has sensors that help tell the transmission when to shift. Fixing this problem is much easier and more affordable than a new transmission.
  • Bad Fluid: There are occasions that a fluid flush and change fix your transmission problems. In fact, we often like to do this to see if it solves the problem affordably. However, if we find that it doesn’t help, we remove the charges if we do a major transmission repair or rebuild. It’s often a smarter first step because it MAY fix the problem.

Transmission troubles due to bad fluid

Transmission problems due to prolonged bad fluid often results in major damage. The purpose of the transmission fluid is to protect the internal parts from damage by cooling and lubricating helping to keep it operating smoothly and efficiently. However, just like motor oil, transmission fluid breaks down with time and use. Once transmission fluid loses its properties to protect the inside of the transmission, your transmission degrades quickly.

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