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Touch screen issues? Unresponsive or damaged?...

At Trinity Automotive we can handle your vehicle repairs BIG or small. Take this for example, a 2015 Cadillac Escalade Premium rolls in with a concern about an unresponsive touch screen. Looking at it initially we thought maybe it had been impacted and cracked… That is until we did a little bit of research and found out that the gel compound built into the screen is a common failure! How frustrating! This thing ain’t cheap to replace, and to have it “rebuilt” would cost MORE than simply replacing the screen ourselves, which we did. A replacement screen without the gel compound was ordered and a repair station set up to handle the small screws and circuits in the most organized way possible. I followed the instructions to a T from the manufacturers of the new screen, carefully removing the entire unit from the vehicle without damaging any trim or fine details. I removed the screen by carefully extracting dozens of screws, disconnecting electrical connections and at one point an incredibly fragile ribbon which was the last step in the removal process. Repairing anything whether it is complicated or simple, requires the ability to carefully follow the process and maintain organization so that assembly is never a guessing game. This was not your typical vehicle repair that we are used to here, we have a vast array of experience in all areas of the automotive industry. The customer left with a smile on their face, and confidence in our abilities to handle even the little things when it comes to their vehicle needs.

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